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How to Borrow

User accounts are granted for subscribers of participating libraries. Each library is granted the option of creating individual user accounts for their subscribers / students. A set of predefined privileges are assigned for each user account dictating the number of books a user can borrow, the borrow period, and so on. Each user can:

  1. Borrow a maximum of 3 books at a time
  2. For a maximum period of 2 weeks per book

A user can borrow in total 3 books at a time from the LNCU - VL network of participating libraries. If user 'A' borrows 2 books from library 'L1' and 1 book from library 'L2', he no longer can borrow additional books from any other participating library. User 'A' will be requested to return the borrowed book within 14 days from from the actual date of borrowing.

If book 1 is borrowed on 10/09/2004 and Book 2 borrowed on 12/09/2004 they need to be returned respectively on or before 24/09/2004 and 26/09/2004 and so on. If book 1 was not returned on 24/09/2004, the system will automatically charge the user's account a delay fee for one day. If book was not returned on time. The system will keep charging a delay fee until the user returns the book in question.

All fees are payable at the LNCU - VL Management Committee.

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