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Monday 19th 2018f March 2018 

LNCU - VL Management Committee

The following is a list of all board members including their contact information:

Colleen Macdonell
Email: cmacdonel@ic.edu.lb
Mobile: 03-094619
Telephone: 01-374980 ext: 224
Library: International College

Clarisse Chebli
Email: clarissechebli@yahoo.com
Mobile: 03-382948
Telephone: 01-667701
Library: Beirut Public Library
Ms. Clarisse is also a member of Assabil Organization.

Mona Abboud
Email: monaboud@hotmail.com
Mobile: 03-314385
Telephone: 01-860935 / 01- 803259
Library: Lycée Verdun


The LNCU - VL management committee sets the rules, regulations and standards by which the LNCU - VL abides. The IT core which is responsible for maintaining the web site of LNCU - VL, is accountable to this committee.

The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO
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