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What is LNCU - VL?
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What is LNCU - VL?

The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO - Virtual Library (LNCU - VL) stands as the first virtual library in Lebanon. The virtual library system aims at connecting different centers into one united library with search, reserve and all sorts of library services that users normally enjoy at traditional library centers. The LNCU - VL is initiated as a pilot project in collaboration with a limited number of Lebanese schools and public libraries. The LNCU - VL will be enlarged gradually to have its online services extended to the Lebanese population at large. LNCU - VL aims to attract in due time a large number of schools and public libraries as well as research centers, universities, and municipalities.

The LNCU - VL book borrowing service will be restricted at the outset and will cover book service only. The LNCU - VL website provides access for users to search and reserve the books of their choice over the Internet.

The LNCU - VL book borrowing service will start with members of the participating libraries in the LNCU - VL. The following members, intentionally limited to a minimum count, were chosen to validate the service parameters and the different processes. The members are listed alphabetically as follows:

  1. Beirut Public Library
  2. International College
  3. Lycee Verdun


LNCU Virtual Library is a project of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO and is supervised and directed by a designated Management committee called hereafter the LNCU - VL management committee that has all other working committees or sub committees accountable to it.

The LNCU - VL management Committee

All committees that are involved in LNCU - VL are accountable to this Committee. Read more...

Advisory Committee
This Committee has oversight responsibility and sets the objectives and policies of the LNCU - VL. Read more...
Who Can Borrow?

LNCU - VL services are currently restricted to the three libraries listed above. In order for any of the participating libraries to gain access to LNCU - VL and borrow books, he/she has to obtain a remote access account. This remote access account consists of a login username and password. It is the responsibility of participating libraries to create the remote access accounts for their members. Users should consult their corresponding library to that end.

Members of non-participating libraries and institutions will not have access to the book borrow service but will be limited to site browsing, searching, and basic information retrieval.

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